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Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions Pte Ltd is a mainstream Pharmaceutical Industry equipment supply, service and Support provider company in Singapore with a fundamental core value to operate with seamless integrity in Pursuit of Excellence.It was founded with a vision to provide various specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment from world renowned manufacturers whose equipment has a balance between equipment output and cost effectiveness .We also provide high end Services ,logistics supports to Pharmaceuticals companies in Singapore by a team of experienced Pharmaceuticals industry veteran with decades of Experience in Pharmaceuticals mainstream manufacturing operations.

We, The Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions Pte. Ltd. provide one stop solutions for various supply and logistic support to pharmaceuticals Industries.


Provide Renowned Global Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to End users with after sales support and service for a continuous growth of an Industry.


To become the country's Benchmark standard setter for Pharmaceutical equipment Supply and logistic support Solutions and to establish our self as the most reliable, cost effective Service / equipment supply provider in the Local and Global Pharmaceutical Industry.



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